Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreams Are Alive

Speak Them and Life Pours into Them Weaving your future!
Here are some of MINE:

Ride an elephant
sun washed room snuggled to your chest

(photograph the markets in India
older gentleman walking in front of cathedral in Germany
young lovers smoking cigarettes in Paris)

my very own vintage art store complete with gallery stage and snack area

raise babies and i will call them my little birds _winks_
Live up to the name Valiant, Lead in Love and be Light,
Teach a class on art and journaling to heal yourself

Sing.... on stage or record somehow that faces my fear
Marry my Dream realized...!
Passport look like a tattooed circus lady
Sprinkle in more laughter, throw in a lot more adventure photograph all the memories i can keep alive.
Hold a Fox
Attended a class led by sark
Have more photo's published or big dream maybe in a museum!
Work with urban outfitters or nylon
learn a lil piano you know
Photo shoot (The Sea and the Seamstress...) I will need your help when i return don't forget!
There are so many thats just a few!
Below is a nugget of wisdom someone told me a few weeks ago!
Dont feel torn, love where you are...

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Ashlotte said...

I love your dreams!! They're fantastic :) Just like you!