Sunday, August 8, 2010

I will love where I am right now...

I had an art show this weekend and it went brilliantly!
lanterns hung from the ceiling above my paintings and photographed adventures!
Gods been making my dreams come true starting with the smaller ones and were working our way up (growing)! I'm so incredibly happy with the turn out! So many beautiful souls!!! If i could have kissed every cheek to show my thankfulness I would have but i'm not in europe yet!!! YET!
I made around $700.00 to go toward my ywam journey and God is so tangible in all this.
I want to encourage and warn you, when you ask you do receive...

I prayed about 6 months ago to stand alone on the rocks and feel brave and strong to trust and love myself as well as my beloved God. Not needing a man or someone to fill my worth.

So he said Ashley build my kingdom and I will build yours. I set forth on this journey shaky but sure Germany is were my feet and soul were leading me. And God has showed up every step of the way! Don't get me wrong this has been difficult nothing has been easy to be truthful but its been right! So speak things into existence, breath life into your world. Sometimes thats all that is in your power to do but words have weight to them they are your anchor to your future.
For me the story I wanted God to write wasn't fully developed, so until those chapters God and I are setting up memories and adventures I dreamt of and he is perfecting! It's staring even before I leave with adventures and My aRT ShoW to this:

Iv been blessed to meet some woman this weekend with the most beautiful souls!
They were rich with wisdom and life and filled with the spirit!
Here are a few Words they spoke over me, not knowing what i'm about to embark on or what iv come from... I'm thankful for your souls and i do believe were are intertwined now.

1.)There is nothing you can not be, do or have,
and we want to assist you in achieving that.
But we love where you are RIGHT NOW,
even if you do not.
Because we understand how joyful the journey
to where you want to go will be.

2.)Your a light, been seen your amazing... She had drawn a lighthouse next to these words. Wink***

3.)I want your balanced spirit and light to funnel through me.
I want to bring love into the world for loves sake.
This shadows my next moment and dominoes through my experiences.
If you are being light and love, your external life seems to shift to mirror this!

4.)You are eve Life giver... You are the sun without you life dies...

5.)Don't you just love this girl? How old are you? 21!!!! You are setting up the rest of your life in the next 7 months, what a perfect number! You are going to have so much adventure and beauty that is so yummy! and so much healing girl, she laughed. Your so innocent and open I love this, this is really going to ground your soul... Your going to do amazing things I can feel it you don't realize how powerful you are yet. This found you...

She was right it did find me, God has known my path, he has seen my selfish struggles and my lovely desires. He is meeting my needs (healing, adventure, love, and most of all trust! I am trusting the flow of my life for the first time and it feels risky, vulnerable but most of all beautifully peacefully!) I'm in the right place and so are you...

Shine Forth...

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