Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm always the one being left behind, I'v never been the one to leave before.

How does it feel?


(I feel brave, no longer that shaky girl who wondered if someone would show her the way to who she was or if she'd ever measure up... The rocks do not hurt anymore they are my platform to see the beautiful sea...)

God has been so beautiful to me.

Thats really all I can say, he has continually been my moon when I was afraid, he lit the way gently...

He has whispered strength into my bones.

He has encouraged me to weave impossible dreams that only he can reveal to me.

He has allowed me to make mistakes and run into him again. (like you'd run into a summer sea.)

He knew the true and the questions...

He knew my deepest love and most painful hunger, and there he has spoken life...

Germany I'm ready to meet your soil, your loves, your very soul.

I'm ready to meet all that God has prepared for us all there

I'm not afraid to write about the love i feel or want, I used to feel like I had to edit my love. But God has allowed me to be passionate he created me to love and I'm not ashamed of this anymore...

>near to you

I wanna whisper into your ear

like a day dream that we share.

There is never a lack of color whenever your here.

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