Sunday, September 5, 2010

The plane I did not miss...

(Isabel from Washington State)
{Cafe in the castle}
It's comfy with dark toned walls and the rich smell of espresso. The windows open to the pallet of German houses like over seized ginger bread homes and the tree line. As rain peels out of the crisp cold september sky. We are looking at photography books and just soaking in the fresh moments and new beginnings. Soft acoustic guitars play as we eat more chocolate and water...

(Kelsey From Michigan)
(Laura and derrick are a couple from Australia)

They found me on a train, as i fell into the cart while a gentleman attempted to help me lift my luggage up four stairs exclaiming man this is heavy. I know I'm sorry, I said kinda embarrassed I'm moving here. Laura turned around I heard a beautiful american accent are you with ywam?
Well yes! Yes I am, her husband helped me with my things and we threw back and forth sarcastic remarks and decided that this was a good or God thing! They are good low key folks and I already love them!

{Minni photo shoot while waiting on the bon fire and worship...}
(Liz and the lions)
Some of our leaders are in this band and they play a beautiful mix of worship and vintage folk feelings. They really inspired me to write deep weaving stories and tell it through song instead of holding it in.

This was our home for the night, the three of us bonded rather quickly sleeping under the German sky in drizzly 45 degree weather in a box! yep a box... we had a little community of boxes (ghetto box or box city) so we could experience what its like without a home or a bed like the children we will live with on outreach.
Yes this is a giant snail...


Dad said...

Gods beauty flows through your words and pictures of the people he has surrounded you with! So, exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Its your sister!
Wonderful things are already happening, I got on this morning to send you a hello and you had already sent us one! We love and miss you very much and for now I will have to share you.~ blessings sister xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts!
look forward to experiencing Germany through you eyes, and so comforting to know you are with such nice people. Love you girl!

Aunt Gina