Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh lovely, lovely random days.

When sunshine rays play where they may!

We lazily spent our sunday eating chocolate and editing photos!


What started out as claire wanting fresh air and maybe a run. Turned into us getting all prettied up for a "night on the town" Herrnhut style! Which for us just meant we played our makeup up and put on our boots.

For some good times roaming abandoned warehouses!

The paint pealed off in layers (all sorts of color chips pooled on the floor)

Fire manuals and old log books from the late sixties and early seventies were strewn across the basement floor and strange pictures clung to closet walls.

The sun burst through the broken windows making the moss catch fire, setting the room a glow... We spent so long exploring the walls and wooden passage ways. Looking at the angles and colors. It was so beautiful there, so much story breathed in those rooms, you could feel it it wanting to speak.

(We ate at a Turkish restaurant called the Doner. I drink a fresh orange soda out of a glass bottle! Then we went back to finish the night with a movie at our appt... It still feels so strange to have my own appt.)

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