Sunday, September 19, 2010

(Corbin from Mississippi)
(Malcolm from Ohio)
(Rachel from Tennessee)
(Claire from Germany)
(Kelsey from California)
(Sean from Canada)

{We spent a long chill day in dresden again}

On our way home there was some confusion about the trains and our time was running out to get to the busses.

And of course ours made a stop for another train that had been broken down and needed the track.

So we waited...

And waited...

By the time we got to Zittous train station the busses had already quit for the night.

There was over 30 of us with no transportation to town.

Instead of sitting around 18 of us began walking,

5 of the 18 were way ahead I was in this group.

{Come to find out the rest apparently took a taxi.}

But anyway it's a God thing that we missed the train and decieded to walk.

Because 10min into our walk we noticed a man on the opposite side of the street.

{We could see him stumbling back and forth...}


He lost his balance and tumbled into the center of the street.

He tried to get up but he didn't have enough strength to raise his intoxicated body.

Rachel and Chris ran to the street and picked him up and guided him to the sidewalk as quickly as they could.

Were not sure of the exact amount of time but,

within 30 sec or so a car came flying through the street.

Chances are they would not have seen him huddled in the street in the middle of the night. They would have ran him over and that would have been the end of his life.

After seeing the car fly by (staring at the spot where he had just been lying. )

I thought to myself, had we been 1min faster he would have been dead.

Had we been 1 min later it wouldn't have mattered.

Devine Timing


But I think we all just stood there in amazement none of us cared anymore that we had to walk so far...

None of us cared we missed our bus.

God just saved his life through us...

No one actually spoke German,

but one girl thankfully had went to German camp growing up.

(she was our saving grace) she could answer some of his ramblings.

We couldn't leave him but what do we do?

We didn't even know how we were getting home?

He was not in the right state we couldn't leave him thats for sure.

But we also werent sure if what he was saying was actually true.

Cameron ran away and within a few min returned out of breath with jonas an amazing guy traveling with us from Switzerland who speaks German.

So the rest of the group caught up while jonas was talking to the man and trying to coax him toward his home.

We walked for 30min or so until we arrived at his home.

Several of the boys were handling him and the rest of us prayed.

Still so unsure of how we were getting home.

Its 14 kilometers down a winding country road where cars fly down at unmentionable speeds.

The man pulled out his phone and called a taxi that he would pay for (all 18 of us) to get home and thanked us for taking care of him.

The taxi got there and took the first group of people home with a translator with.

The rest of us including me stayed behind.

Jonas asked him if he believed in God.

He said this:

There was a time I did, but my wife is so very sick. She has alztimers and its so hard. I want to stay with her for life. But its hard she doesn't always remember me.

We asked if we could pray for him. He said yes! yes! Thank you, I love you all so much... Thank you! (He began to cry.)

So jonas prayed in German so he could understand him.

The taxi arrived again at the same time as josh one of the staff members.

The taxi driver said he would take care of the man.

I drive him home a lot i will make sure he is safe.

So the rest of us went with josh home.

I will probably never see him again.

But I hope he remembers us today when he wakes up.

I hope he looks at his wife and realizes his life could have been taken last night.

But God needed him there to love her. He needed his strength to take care of her.

I hope he realizes God wanted to save him and loves him.


Michelle said...

This amazes me. What a beautiful story.

Marie said...

Ash..I cried and rubbed the chills on my body reading this...Truly, The LORD is with You and doing a mighty work...I love and miss you tons

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