Sunday, October 10, 2010

As we arrived to the train station someone pointed thoughtfully to the other side of the tacks thats the train you want..
So we flew underground, up the stairs and onto the train as the doors slide shut.
{Just in time}
Neustadt, Dreseden
Oh how the walls were littered with graphite and the streets with people wearing their truth.
So many colored doors with stories going on behind them,
love being given and brokenness being lived.
Markets were explored and trinkets were bought!
60'ds magazines and Chinese cigar boxes full of thread.

The sunshine warmed my skin like a kiss, I couldn't help but close my eyes and breath deep.
Today I lived in the moment.
I drank a limeade as we sauntered through the city.
And thought to myself, yes I lived in the moment...

-----She played her violin, it cried such a sadness into the darkened city hours.
We sat on the cobble stone and dreamt of what dresden looked like war torn.
How the towering buildings we now see are but replacements of its original beauty.

Look at the time were about to miss our train and we are in the middle of the city.
So just as the day started we took off running.
(you know what my favorite part about this was?)
Two acoustic guitar players began a very epic western sounding song just as four girls begin to fly through an otherwise quite city.
I think it was just for us!
We were so afraid that the train would be slinking downs the tracks as we arrived but it wasn't.
It was patiently waiting right where we left it.
So we sat in the cart and wandered through the old beautiful pages of books and magazines.

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Anonymous said...

Wow this sounds like a wonderful time. Not necessarily the running back and forth, but it does illustrate the confusion many of us have running to God and then once in his presents we would love to just close our eyes and breath in all He has to offer. Only to be interrupted by life and we start running again. I love when you talked about just sitting in the warm sunsine, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath to live in the moment. Really thats all we are promised and really in Gods prescence thats all we need! If we could only remain in that moment. Daddy