Thursday, October 21, 2010

Somewhere along the way, I feel we've stopped living Christianity and just started studying it.
I remember thinking if God was as boring as sunday morning, I wasn't sure I wanted to follow him. How many of us think this and with apathy don't explore or do anything about it.
I live with people who live like they actually believe in heaven and hell. Who cry and worship like they are actually encountering God. Iv learned more about God in the tears of these people then in all my theological teachings.
(Im not even on outreach yet.)
I want to find God in the abandoned places.
I want "church" to be something I am. (an organism) Living...Not an organization...
-These are thought on a book Im reading and what I live now...


Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful thing to be humble enough to completely submit yourself to focus and be in Gods presence. To be able to fully worship Him without inhibition and with a heart full heart of gratitude for his forgiveness. To anxiously seek His guidance and then follow it knowing He is in control and all things work to His Glory. To live in Gods moment, with no distractions, just your spiritual head on Gods shoulders. To have the love and fulfillment that only his spirit can bring and the comfort in His word and touch that he will not leave or forsake us! How exciting. I love you. Daddy.

Marie McClain said...

Whew..Ash, thats OUR GOD!!!!! I am soooooo excited to hear all that God is doing in you!!! and your post today is SO RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!
I have felt that way for a LONG time and I know thats why God has differnet things for me than most folks...GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME!!!
Hearing all you are experienceing naturally and Supernaturally just fires me up more to Worship HIM for who is really is!!! I love you and cant wait to read the next post..Marie