Sunday, October 31, 2010

Germany often smells of my childhood

bon fires and pines trees

the wind roars downs from above the tree tops

whisking the leaves across the dirt road like mice scattering

its halloween today

i wondered back country roads photographing sheep and myself

because thats what photographers do right

i can get away with self portraits

especially since im so far from home

i justify it by saying its for my family

i like walking alone with my thoughts

i don't have to please anyone

or entertain them

its just me and my dusty boots, camera in hand

curls whipping around my face as the wind howls

im sitting with my laptop out in the middle of a dirt road

where a trail wonders off into high grass

(bon iver stacks plays)

i don't want to sit inside four walls anymore

the color of white clings to my eyes lids

i prefer the open blue and gentle yellows of the fading leaves

i'd prefer mud on my pants from lying in the nearby field

than carefully trying not to wrinkle my pretty little dress

although i do love dresses

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