Sunday, October 31, 2010

heavy thoughts and a light blurred street

its autumn but it feels much more like winter

the coldness in the morning catches in your throat it stings your eyes

i move against the wind much like i move against the flow of life

it seems to be my mission to go about everything backwards

I want to live life differently



i want to contain a compassion that runs deeper than any blood or root

Iv been thinking about culture and poverty

i'v been thinking of marriage and my dreams to create.

life is such a tangled web of desire and demand.

its so hard to jump into desire and forget about its counterpart demand

although i very much would like to

the short of my longings

that i return to over and over like an old photograph

is that i want to photograph those magic moments

i want to keep them alive and free

i want to love someone deep and genuine

i want to explore "travel" all the corners and crevices of this world

these are heavy thoughts sometimes aren't they

dreams can be even more heavy than reality

for we know the distance and uncertainty that lies in the steps between

1 comment:

Marie said...

Beautiful!!! You are such anamazing woman :-)