Thursday, October 28, 2010

I read a story of some young collage students who began building relationships with some homeless folks in Philly. It's a beautiful long story from (Irresistable Revolution) read it if you get a chance!

But lets shorten it by saying it moved me to tears! Actual soppy tears! I thought to myself I want to live a story like that…

I played it over and over in my mind letting it seep in.

Later that day we went to the Czech Republic for art supplies.

While wondering the streets there he was, bearded and holding a ball cap.

Our four bodies walked right past him.

But it didn't matter my heart had grabbed a hold of his the moment my eyes raised from the concrete.

(give him 200 crowns) I very distinctly heard

So I put my things down and walked over to him.

Dropping the bill on top of the coins that laid inside.

I tried to walk away not even thinking at first to converse with him.

He grabbed my hand into both of his and held it gently.

Saying what I assume was thank you over and over

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

He kissed my hand and smiled so broad and toothless beneath his whiskers!

He didn't speak English nor I Czech. So all i could offer him was the crowns and a smile.

All day I thought of him though, how God must love him and care for him.

How God must see him toil day after day on street corners for his daily bread.

How I wish I could have spoken to him, what would eternally help him.

It still bothers me a weak later that 200 crowns was all I could do.

I wish I would have sat with him a while, learned his name and childhood memories.

I wish I could have asked him to join our family.

I'm not sure I want a "missions project." But I want real people to become genuine friends and family.

With whom we can laugh, cry, dream and struggle with.

I don't want just charity I want justice.

"True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar." -Dr. Martin Luther King

Thats the sadness of my world and yours. True compassion takes time, maybe even your life.

Well truth be told how many of us are willing to do that?

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Marie McClain said...

Ash, this moved me to "sloppy tears" as you said....Your heart is SO MUCH the heart of God..HE does care for the folks we see every day and you DID show him Jesus..I am so proud of you and WHO YOU ARE BECOMING as God pulls you closer as you seek His face and voice..I love you !!!