Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's amazing how a mood may change.
Not taking a season to do so.
Only a moment.

Thats all we have, isn't it?
Our moments.
We share them in an instant with the entire world.
Movements, sounds, and color,
blur in this transcendent time line.
A moment in time.
A step a time.
I'm forever and always learning the importance
of the very moment in which I stand.
So I breath into this moment,
praying we may be able to give it life.
(My daddy had a similar thought today:
When we dream about tomorrow,
we degrade today.
When we dwell on yesterday's memories,
we lose the opportunity to build new ones.
When we hold on to what we have,
we lose the most.
A life spent enjoying the moment,
brings joy and happiness to the soul!)

Revelation: "One of the main ways God speaks is through your desires. He created them didn't he? But how do you know whether God wants to fulfill your desire in that moment or lay them down?" -Dan

If you've read any of John Eldredges books, you know of his deep longing to teach people their desires are not sinful at their root. This is something I'v lost along the way. I have really struggled with these deep longings I have. Believing that following Christ meant laying them down and never having these dreams come to life (Like letting them die, basically was what Iwas called too.). This is not the christian life I wanted. A war lay in my heart of too many religious teaching (that at their root had truth) but over the years had been misshapen. I'v always believed that the only thing that really matter is love and everything returns to it and steams from it. Yet I believed the unGodly lie that God didn't care about my dreams or desires. This isn't very loving. So the last two weeks I have been taking a look at this.

"I think most of us struggle with this: Are my desires really from you God?"

I dont know what my life will look like in the months to come.
However I pray God surprises me and invades my "normal" day.
That I get to see my desires jump off the page and walk around.
I pray God is more and more real as the seasons change and I return home.

"Jesus isn't just freaking out over us "getting it RIGHT"
He just likes that we like him." -Dan

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Anonymous said...

A desire is Gods gentle Kiss unto our Hearts;
revealing the truths He desires us to live out in our lives.

Only the doubt of ones thoughts can steal them away!
Love Daddy!