Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whats inside the souls of those you pass unknowingly by?

The wrapped up secrets and unfolding of delights...

A mysterious old antique keeper complete with top hat,

full of stories crammed in the confines of his bones...

He has stories to tell.

Hugs to give.

I dream of china

and love documentaries...

Quotes of the week...

(Disclaimer: These are things I heard and Im sorry if they are offensive i didn't say them.)

"I have to pee so BAD, why am I wearing a onesie." -Rebecca

"I feel like I'v gained weight, but only in my breasts... lucky bitch." -Fire wall friend

"I dont like going to the bathroom sometimes there are lesbians." -Louise

"I will donate my grandfather to you."-Fire wall friend

"Well, people need to take off their jock straps every now and then and chill out."-Adam

"In prison I realized: Iv spent my life rushing through oranges there is so much fun to be had with oranges. Iv lost their wonder." -Dan

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