Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So today i'm sick. I'v got a soar throat and an achy body. I believe I have drank at least four cups of apple cinnamon tea with loads of honey! I'm cuddled up in my sleeping bag watching golden finches flutter all around my window, they have taken to eating my cheese! They are one of the most beautiful creatures. I'm not sure when my fascination started with them, but I find them incredibly magical. I'm in fine art now, which i'm not sure I wrote about one here yet. I'm no longer doing photography here as a "project" it was becoming such a chore and my passion for it was gone. Through a lot of prayer I am now in fine art! So today iv spent drawing more and drinking tea... Thanks mom for the beautiful journal! and that is my plumb and chocolate hair, i'm fond of it!

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