Saturday, December 4, 2010

Instead of thinking about what I am leaving, I think about what I am coming to. It's all an adventure."


"My escape was to go up in the admirals, look out and watch the moon and stars at night hearing the waves hit the ship. The sky was so crisp and clear with stars everywhere because there were no lights but what God provided"

-My Daddy (Greg)

The Ocean is a giant that could swallow me whole....


My Dad Is The most amazing person, I think anyone who is lucky enough to get to know his heart is all the better for it! He is poetic and generous and sarcastic! He is a perfect mix of a strong unwavering husband and a passionate gentle spontaneous father. I want you to know your daddy would have been proud of you dad... Papa see's what we do and the woman sis and I are becoming and he is proud. He can't tell you but sis and I can! We are amazed by the man you are and I'm One of the luckiest girls to have a heart and home full of love...

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Marie said...

Ash, that is the most beautiful and VERY RUE description of your dad...Yep, I cried...LOL You ALL are such a blessing to The Kingdom of God