Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bus 1 (Hours 1 though 12)

All you need to know about the first 12 hours, is that our engine had trouble and although eventually seemingly got fixed right before our wind shield completely shattered! I mean its like our bus never even had a wind shield! Our driver took the liberty to plunge down the foggy cliff side highway. The bus was tossing and turning, the wheel spinning violently. He must have been absolutely freezing.

Bus 2 (Hour 1#) jan 31, 2011

I miss the USA so much at the moment!

A swarm of people are pushing, selling begging its madness...

42 hours from now I will Be tucked somewhere in a apt. in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Until then please pray!

P.s. A monk gave me Momo's to eat on the bus, so tasty!

(Hour 3#)

Sitting on the side of the highway soaking in the sun eating an apple as they change our flat tire.

Yes bus number 2 has a flat! Also I never seem to get used to the 17 men staring at me and taking cell phone photographs. Chai seems to pop out of nowhere here. Oh our bus broke down lets get that pitcher of chai out right here on the highway! Where does it come from all warm like that? After all the drinking everyone pee's in the field, except me. Im to shy to because there is only about 25 boys playing cricket. A bunch of monkeys frolicking through the field and a man nearby smoking. Nope I will hold it!

(Hour 9#)

We tried to eat a "Burger" knowing it wouldn't be cow. But what kind of meat was it? Thats a good question! It was some form of cream mushy meat that made me nauseated! I looked at the name of the restaurant and I was now eating at "Cum Restaurant" (sorry parents) and I just about died! Moral of the story don't eat here! Just sayin!

(Hour 21#) Feb 1, 2011

You can almost always here the clinking of beads as a nearby monk says his prayers. The passing fields just beyond Daystar and I's books are filled with mustard plants. A vibrant canary yellow. The bus jars your bones and body together like a game of Yatzee! The fields are much greener here it's a shame we use them as toilets@

(Hour 25#)

Finished the book I started yesterday on the bus!

(Hour 27#)

Were eating lunch at an out door restaurant. Large crows dance among the dirty dishes and wash bins. A man with a mustache that extends past the brim of his hat collects money for our "rice tickets". The breeze is beautiful on our warmed skin.

(Hour 29#)

The sky's completely grey as the sun shyly sets over the sea of hey bells, goats and sari wearing woman decorating the fields like lace on a dress. Nepal seems less harsh compared to India. Kids are running through the flowers in the fields right now. The window is open to my left and I can feel the same breeze as they, and it makes me feel alive. We have started to climb the Mts.

(Hour 33#)

Stopped to eat...

Everyone was eating and joking around as a homeless man hovered nearby. He was thin, very thin wearing all black and no shoes. His hair was black and curly hanging just above his vacant eyes. I felt an overwhelming feeling "Isn't he the reason I'm here?" So I walked over to him with my jappatie and orange and place it in his hands. He motioned for the peanut butter and jelly we had been using. So I smile and filled the Indian bread with it. He took it to a curb and sat down and devoured it with a smile that expanded his full face! My heart completely broke. He reminded me of my papa who had once been homeless for a time. I wondered if anyone showed him kindness when everyone else only treat them like monsters. They are people with dreams and loves just like us and the belly's are so empty. Their hearts are starving for love.!

Yes my heart broke but I hope I helped heal his…

(Hour 35#) Feb 2 ,2011

Sleep, bumping, tangled, restless sleep.

(Hour 40#)


It's 4 a.m. Wed morning. We waited at the bus station for nearly 45 minutes with our taxi drivers.

The city was desolate at this hour like it had once been a grand city that now was war torn. Our taxi driver piled our oversized backpacks on top of the taxi's roof using all his effort.

(We will soon arrive at the cafe that our apt lives above.)


Ashlotte said...

Dear girl! What adventures you've been having! I am so so so glad that you've been writing them down too! I need to get in the habit of that. I began writing things down when I was in Japan and lost writing half way through the trip. I love that a monk gave you food! What a fun memory! And I am proud of you for giving to the homeless man! You are doing great work there miss, I know God smiles when he thinks of you and your heart! I love you and miss you! Stay safe and keep adventuring!!

xoxoxooxo Ash

RAE said...

I tried this once and it sounded ok. Then I had to sign up and lost it all. I love reading your descriptive blogs. I feel as though I am on the journey with you. It is amazing to see God's love pour out to others through you. No wonder the guys are taking photographs of you. They are awestruck by your stunning beauty both inside and out. God's love shining through this beautiful young lady with porcelain skin and striking green eyes....must have picture. I know your momma and dad are so proud of you. I also know that your momma cannot wait to get her arms around you and sit and laugh and chat for hours. Praying for you...Hugs 000000XXXXX

Laura and TJ said...

Love the update sweet girl! My heart broke a little at the description of the homeless man. I am so proud of how you are allowing God to use you. What a powerful testimony!!! Love ya!