Friday, March 11, 2011

Learning to see in the dark

It's unfamiliar, it seems impossible, and you may bump your knees while moving forward.

But life brings us so many chances to practice bringing light to a constantly changing world.

to see if we can open our hearts and arms to whatever changes and losses occur.

I suppose we are all afraid to get close to suffering at first.

I think that's why we need to be very clear about what suffering is and cultivate ways to manage our own feelings about it.

We forget or don't realize that part of someone suffering could be alleviated by our compassionate attention.

We often speak in hushed tones about our suffering.

As if in the whispering we can keep the pain at bay.

But I find that when I speak of my struggles nakedly with no stories or cover-ups the darkness shifts and changes.

In a place like India and Nepal sadness and gladness are intertwined.

Joy lives alongside sadness, humor exists during death and multiple feelings abound.

We need to know were not the only ones who can't see in the dark.

We are not alone in the fight against poverty and neither are they...

Fight Against Poverty...

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