Monday, May 16, 2011


written in huge bold black letters across a mirror.
Probably a prop from todays sermon, thrown off to the side of the satge.
No-one notices it probably aside from me.

What am I reflecting on?
Relationship? For sure 'im thinking about that. Their is this great guy in my life and he as made a home in my thoughts.
My past? Like a hail storm which suddenly appears out of no where, beats you down, gets you annoyingly wet and leaves dings and aches for the next few days.
My struggle for independence?
Art and dreams?
But it DOES NOT say THINKING about....
and after some prayers and questioning these words float in:
{Beauty for Ashes}
Gods promise...
I was indeed a pile of ashes, of broken bits, crushed spirit only occasionally wearing a smile. Sick and unaware of how beautiful I was made...
His Grace slipped out of heaven and landed all over me like a fresh spring.
But I tasted it in tiny gulps. Mainly because I would not allow myself to consume something so good, so fast in such a large quantity. No tiny tastes felt more comfortable.
Then he redeemed the ashes, scooped them up and formed something only God could sculpt out of burnt, charred pieces of life.

He formed: Joy, confidence, trust, art, healthy relationships, adventure, stories and love.

He traded beauty for ashes. Maybe this is why beauty is so important to me.

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