Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 31: 3 months of bliss...

I feel fall coming and so as any good girl, the natural thing to do is to go buy sweaters!
Im lucky that my dear was just as excited about this as I was!
How lucky am I?
Today marks the 3 months of us choosing each other out of the millions of people we have met..
I think thats pretty special...
Over the years we've made many chooses and as I get older I feel the weight of each choice I make whether its good or not.
I love how comforting it is that I choose Malcolm and he me.
I adore this man and so does my family!
So today we gathered each other in our arms and celebrated:
love, magic, choosing and life
Its a beautiful adventure all its twist and turns.
Everyday brings something new and the great yet small amount of time we have been together has brought us treasures and wisdom.
Learning to "be" with someone is the best opportunity...
It requires strength and bravery!
So cheers to you my dear!

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