Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here we go again. Family, Travel and good lovin.
I am blessed by each giggle and each soft kiss my sisters kids give me.
I am blessed my how my parents really do "provide and protect."
I am blessed to have a sister that is more than a best friend.
It's like our blood runs deeper than My silly insecure words could ever describe.
I'm blessed that I get to spend every waking moment with them this weekend,
adventuring and discovering.
(McKay Used Books) I hit the mother load of vintage kids books.
Which I often use in my art. Shhh...
Pool time in the wee hours of the morning.
My favorite part of almost any trip especially one's to Tennessee is the antique stores!
I Love all the beautiful things! Each with it's own magical story and memory.
I love to imagine who drank out of those china cups and why this travel log remained un-written in. I love how they are named things like "memory lane." I enjoy exploring and picking through everything to find exactly what speaks to me.
This trip I tried finding items for most people in my family.
Ethan: Got a vintage cap gun.
Scarlet: Got a vintage mint green dress and baby doll outfit.
Sis: I bought loads of handkerchiefs for the girls birthday party.
Shane: Got a vintage Shot glass from the 50'ds
And I bought myself an apron and 1960's national geographic's!
Ethan and I counted phones in each store.
Kinda like a giant look and find.
Ethan was so excited looking at all the old things.
He kept exclaiming "ohh look here it's soooo BEAUTIFUL!
You can imagine how my heart sang.
He especially liked these mirrors probably because
he has taken a liking to dancing in them recently..
Down town Knoxville.
I wasn't sure what to expect, my experience of Tennessee growing up was mostly lush blooming nature and stories from deep souls. I had NO IDEA this gem existed!
Some really amazing restaurants and theaters and pretty textured walls.
I would love to explore more...
A house in the Mountains where my big ol family lives...
My lovely cousin Angelina...
We found this helicopter and stopped for the kids and I to enjoy! ;)
Pretty pretty Tennessee country side as we drove home after
the great storms of hail and tornadoes...
Sleepy babies and those I love...


Anonymous said...

this was so much fun....i just love all the family time and the bonus of the Soul!

Anonymous said...


Britt said...

I think it's pretty amazing that I see these things everyday and don't get what you do out of it. You defiantly have a gift darlin'. Your imagination of what people might have drank from a glass, or wrote from this book etc. is EXACTLY half a million thoughts I had in England by just touching a stone wall. Have u ever gone there? It was just amazing to think of everyone who had been there before me and how it got there to begin with. That's the last time I really felt that way though. So hang onto that gift.

Any who..
I thought I would check and see if you had some pictures up of this trip even though I had a feeling of it - I was still pleasantly surprised to see that you had uploaded this!

I do hope you get to come back soon and explore again. There are a ton of shops, restaurants, cafe's, tea rooms, and book stores and things downtown that I think you'd love. I wish you all have had more time, but now you have a goal for next trip out.

By the way, must be aware now that I am going to make you send all the pictures you took during the trip - along with a certain 'spinach lasagna recipe' right? ;) Speaking of goals...

- Love u all Xx