Tuesday, March 6, 2012

(Art and Soul retreat)
Usually held in Oregon, came to Virginia!
I took a class from the gentle, insane and awesome man: Jesse Reno...
His approach to making art is very down to earth.
Very story and freedom based! We constantly covered things up, weaved in symbols
and told a story. He would tell a strange instruction and as he would call out thing after thing, the images would morph.
Jesse Reno paintings above and him painting below!
His other hand says love don't worry...
We mostly finger painted, which is how I tend to paint anyway...
On the floor covered in paint to some mystical whimsy music.
Mindy Lacefield one of the beautiful woman in my class.
I was in awe of her work. She had such a playful, whimsical look.
I wanted to look at all her paintings and had to resist complementing her over and over!
Fun fact: Iv followed her work and pinned it on pintrest!
I just didn't know I'd met her until I got home..
I was like man I know that lovely woman from somewhere!
Here are bits and pieces of mine.
This owl ended up getting painted over.
I will remember her with love while she was there.
But I think she had to fly home?
What is the meaning behind all the owls?
He asked us to put in an
animal that had a special importance to us.
I used an owl to symbolize a
search for wisdom.
He also asked us to put a word that was vulnerable for us:
Worthy is what I choose. He had asked us to hide it. But I couldn't, I had to show it off and allow myself to be vulnerable. Hence why I'm posting this on here. :)
He told us to use a symbol in our painting: I choose a home.
Because my whole painting was about searching for worth, for wisdom.
Coming home isn't about ending the journey.
It's about the warmth and support home provides.
It's about who I want to be. A shelter and full of love and stories...
It says "Searching for something."
What are you searching for?

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