Sunday, May 20, 2012

House by the sea

 Friday we went and visited my aunt's beach house for dinner.
I always get excited to explore her houses and eat her yummy food.
 We played outback to the smell of barb-que chicken.
 The girls liked having someone their size. 
They held hands and ran around the yard occasionally stopping for a hug break!

As far as the eye can see! FOOD FOOD! oh how I enjoyed those pretzels rolls! 
My new favorite treat... 
On our way to the beach...
Her baby Ava came to visit Nana...
 I adore this woman. 
Growing up she used to call me her young grass hopper.
I always watched her with sparkling eyes. 
Studying her movements, her laughter and her stories.
Always so fiery and alluring!
 What they looked like as I rose the camera to my face.
 My daddy noticing every movement always.
I can't even sneak a photo of him without him seeing!
After sunset at the beach. We walked back smelling honey suckles and salt.
Our hair wind blown, those of us with curls had more of the 80d's poof then the blown look.
We all gathered around bread pudding and cheese cake with warm cups of french vanilla coffee and babies all bundled in pj's. Snuggled up with dogs or auntie's! 
House by the sea was just the right way to spend a night!

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