Thursday, May 17, 2012

This I know

I'm reading in (this i know, by: Susannah Conway) 
About trusting your creative voice. When out of all places I hear:
"First you must believe in yourself."
The tv playing a strawberry shortcake movie.
I tuned in to it and laughed in my spirit, realizing this is not mere happenstance. 
Trusting what I have to offer the world is the most vulnerable place I can think of.
I have feared my entire life that surely everyone who loves me will find someone better.
That my art is just that my art and it couldn't possible matter.
No matter how many people or times Iv been told to do art for a living, I simply reject it and stay working at a job that provides nothing for my creative soul. 
"A seed is more than a seed. It is a dreamers main ingredient."
-Strawberry Shortcake 

So trusting this right here. These words. These images. These paintings.
This is my journey. This is my passion. This is what I have to offer.
My heart bubbles with excitement with what will happen in the future.
and the souls I will encounter. But for tonight I will return to the page that's drying with paint 
and choose not to judge it's "goodness".

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