Friday, September 17, 2010

(My walking thoughts)

Its pretty perfect outside.
You can hear that gentle autumn wind rustling about the trees.
The air smells of ashes.
The slight hum of bugs weaves through the streets.
The clouds are all cluttered.
Like they are gathering in front of a stage.

I'm running my fingers through the ferns and thinking.
I begin to pray over my spirit and the others here.
That we will embrace our freeness and invite adventure in.
That our story will be more spontaneous and intricate than those that have come before us.

The sun proudly steps out from behind the curtain of clouds.
illuminating the field of grass.
Making them glow bright like delicious limes.
touching all the pale yellow houses making them shine...

So I wanted to take a moment just to thank everyone who has supported me in this venture.
Thank you for weaving prayers in the night.
Thank you for your time when you read my journal.
And when you have given finances.
Thank you so very much...
Also I want you to know I am teaching myself to be honest and open with the steps i'm taking (Here on this journal). You never want to sit here and complain and write about negative things. However I know I want to remain open and share the real journey as it happens. The tangled mess and the glorious steps. So there will be days I talk about the mess and emotions. Because I want you to know the truth...
So thank you for reading and encouraging me on the way... Your words have really blessed me...

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lacyjoy said...

You are so lovely. I can't wait to read about every one of your adventures.